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Tuesday, 11 July 2017

My Birthday Wishlist | Summer Must-haves

It’s my birthday week (yippee!). As I type this I'm currently face-masking in prep for some birthday fun over the weekend. Side note, said face mask is seaweed based and I would not recommend if you have a heightened scent of smell....

As I was saying, birthday week is in full swing and I'm beyond excited for some time off of work to spend with friends and family. In the words of Camilla (Love Island, of course), "28 and feeling great" :)

Not normally one to have a wishlist of things I would like - honestly, ask The Boy, he is normally hounding me for a wishlist of gifts. However since there was a few things I've been wanting (I blame the supposed wedding saving....) I thought it would be nice to share this with you. Think of it as a little summer inspo. 

When thinking about what I would like for my birthday I usually like to include items that I either 1. wouldn’t normally buy for myself or 2. have wanted for a looooong ass time.   

Here’s what’s on my birthday wish list this year.

1. Missoma x Lucy Williams necklace - I've seen this on everyone's neckline and I need it! I always tend to include some form of delicate, gold jewellery in my prezzie wish list and this one has taken centre stage this year.
2. Gucci belt. Well, what can I say about this item. It's been my absolute dream accessory of 2017 so far. It legit makes every outfit 100% better. I've also worn my Moschino belt to death so I think a good belt is worth every penny.
3. Tanya Burr Chasing the Sun highlighter. After watching Tanya's LA vlog when she tried out her new range I instantly needed to get my hands on the pink blush and golden/bronze shade for the eyes. I tried the testers in Superdrug and can say they're both as stunning in real life!
4. Glam Glow face mask. I'm torn between two - the Gravity Mud and the Thirsty Mud. I've been after one of these bad boys for a while after they blew up on the internet. Plus, I need to get my skin wedding ready and this may be just the trick!
5. Something a little different - I'd like to get my top ear pierced. As the biggest scaredy-cat of my friends an ear piercing is a BIG DEAL for me! I figured however with a little birthday enthusiasm it may help me get through the nerves :)
6. Embroidery Topshop bag. Ever since my friend Tender Loving Style turned up to an event with a gorgeous, bright pink bag I've been after onr that could bring a pop of colour to my normally monochrome outfits. I love the cross body of this bag and could see myself getting a lot of use out of it.
7. Black leather jacket. Generally when I tell people I've not had a black leather jacket for the last four years their jaws almost drop to the floor. It's such a staple piece for any wardrobe and I'm ready to welcome one back into my life.

I hope you enjoyed this style of post. I really enjoyed creating the artwork and think I may try and introduce more 'shopping' style posts on to the blog going forward. Let me know if there are any themes or categories you would like me to focus on..... I love a challenge :)

Have a great week!


Wednesday, 24 May 2017

My Wedding Journal: Bridal Styling Afternoon at The Corinthian

As a (relatively) new bride-to-be it was only a matter of time before 50% of conversations leaving my mouth were dresses, decor or first dance related so to control the rambling I thought I'd introduce a new feature to the blog that's exclusively related to my big day. With two years of planning (and stressing and saving *gulp*) ahead of me I thought I'd share my experiences in 'My Wedding Journal' - a feature to chat about where I've shopped, any tips and tricks I've learnt along the way and my general experience of planning a wedding.

After attending a gorgeous wedding event on Sunday and a meeting with my bridal squad in the diary for this evening, it seemed like the perfect time to start sharing my journey.

Now,the formal introduction are out of the way let's rewind back to Sunday's event now, shall we...

With a prosecco in hand, Jill and I had a nosy around some of the suppliers on show at the bridal styling event. Set against the stunning backdrop of The Corinthian Club we checked out Save the Date cards from ComBossa, stunning lace one pieces from Box of Gorgeous and delicious looking cakes from Suzanne Esper Cakes. After mingling through the vendors we took our seat to watch the girls on the catwalk showcase a stunning new accessories collection from Polly and Bella, bridesmaid outfits from House of Fraser and wedding gowns from The Bridal Garden. 

After the show we got excited over the Swarovski headpieces from Polly and Bella and took our chance to try on a few on for size. A dazzling head piece would be a nice way to switch up your wedding dress from day to night - potentially something I'll add to my outfit once I lose the veil.Dress permitting of course....



Friday, 31 March 2017

It's Bloomin' Spring

Although it might not seem so today, Spring has finally sprung here in Glasgow *exerts an overly-excitable sigh of relief*. I've been ready to bid farewell to the long dark nights, endless evenings in front of the TV and jumpers upon jumpers bursting out of my (very limited) wardrobe space for quite some time now. I've been praying to the weather gods for daylight pre and post work, lighter layers and the occasional hot, sunny day and it's finally in sight so I'm a happy chappie indeed.

I've been excited to debut my first spring wardrobe purchases of 2017 so last weekend I took a jaunt to one of the prettiest spots in Glasgow at this time of the year ... Glasgow Green. Blossom trees line the entrance to the park and it literary makes me smile from ear to ear. I mean, is this not the pretties backdrop ever?! I legit felt like I was in Central Park for a moment.

Now onto my outfit. Say hello to two little Primark purchases that I think look a hell of a lot more expensive than they are. First up, the floral dress. I know flowers are a big trend this season so I've been waiting to find the right piece. When I spied this floaty dress in the Edinburgh store I wasn't sure if it was for me. I don't normally do floaty and I don't normally do knee length but both work so well together. It's also so versatile - I've already rocked it on a few nights out with big bouncy hair, a red lip and some heels but also plan to wear it to work with some flats.

Now let's talk the jacket. Denim just screams 'Spring has arrived' and this slashed ripped effect one is the perfect update. I feel like my 'cool' levels instantly go up a few notches when I put this on - I mean, what more can you ask for in a jacket. In total this outfit cost somewhere in the region of £30. Can you bloody believe it!! Well done Primark.

Dress | Jacket - Primark 
Watch - Swatch 
Boots - Public Desire
Glasses - TK Maxx

With a spring finally in my step I'm ready to make a few changes to my routine. I want to start with getting back into the gym, eating a little healthier and taking better care of my self in general. Good job I'm off to the gym now....

Until next time.


Wednesday, 22 March 2017

11 Steps to Throwing the Perfect Baby Shower

Last August I received a call to discover my sister was expecting her first child. Along with a lot of 'Oh my gaad, I'm going to be an aunt' and guessing to myself what the sex might be, one of the first things that popped into my head was how I couldn't wait to throw her a fabulous baby shower. Fast forward six months and the time to plan the party had arrived. 

Knowing where to start can be mind boggling for any event so naturally my first point of call was to start scrolling through Pinterest. Once the ideas were flowing, we nailed all the details and threw a pretty awesome baby shower, if I do say so myself. Snaps for Yasmin! 

Getting from A-Z was easier said than done though so I thought I'd share my tried and tested pointers to throwing the perfect baby shower.

1. Pick a theme. This can be easier if you know the sex of the baby but what about those gender neutral parties? Fitting into the latter we settled on a pink and blue colour scheme. This inspired everything from the decor to food and made deciding on those finer details all that bit easier. 

2. Choose a venue. We were in a bit of a pickle choosing where to host our baby shower. Trying to stick to a budget and with a guest list of 25 we decided against a restaurant or bar and my mum's cosy living room wasn't really an option either. It then came to me - The Lifestyle Lab was the perfect destination. It's centrally located in Glasgow so easy for everyone to get to and we could get in the day before to decorate exactly how we wanted. We could even bring our own food and drink - it was perfect!

3. Choose your decor. Once you've settled on a theme, this part
should be easy. With pink and blue in mind we opted for extra large paper pom poms to fill the room. This is a great cost effective way to decorate a space and let's be frank, it's bloody adorable. We then covered the door with a large mesh bow to ensure our guests knew exactly where the party was.  We bought pink and blue balloons and covered these in mesh (which FYI unfortunately makes them no longer stay up so if you're planning this look don't bother wasting your money on helium). And finally, I added a mini washing line complete with teetsy tiny baby clothes across the window that also doubled up as a gift for my sister. 

4. Get the grub. Naturally, food is a key part of any baby shower. I mean if the woman canny drink, at least make sure she's got some great food to snack on. For ours, I wanted the food table to create a cute addition to the decor so we opted for pink and blue marshmallow pops, a box of The Biscuiteer biscuits, pink and blue candy floss, 'Ready To Pop' popcorn bags and cupcakes. We then also had lots of pakora and sausage rolls to ensure guests didn't leave the party starved. 

5. Drinks. This is a crucial element of any baby shower. It's important to keep the mum-to-be happy so checking that she is comfortable for everyone else to be drinking alcohol at the party is key. If the answer is yes, it's always nice to ensure you have a few alcohol free options for the guest of honour. Make sure you have enough drink to get everyone started on the right foot and then simply invite guests to BYOB.  

6. Plan the games. This can set the tone for the rest of the evening and is often a good ice-breaker for guests who don't know many others. Choose a few for variety but don't go overboard as you'll loose interest quickly. I went for four games but I think three would've been more than enough. I think my favourite game had to be 'Porn or Labour' - basically a guessing game with images of woman pulling all sorts of weird and wonderful faces.I'm sure your imagination can picture exactly what this looks like! I ended up making my own version of the game as I didn't want to fork out for a download so if you'd like a copy of mine, just let me know and I'd be happy to email it over to you. We then also played guess the baby food, guess the celebrity name, guess the guest (the one where everyone brings a picture of themselves as a baby) and a blindfolded nappy challenge. 

7. Share a dress code. Once the party is announced, guests will start questioning what the dress code is so try and get this information across in your invites. It's always best to plan a dress code suited to your mum-to-be. My sisters is always super glamorous so I knew she'd be dressed up for the occassion but more often than not, 7/8 month pregnant woman just want to be comfortable so check-in with them as the last thing you'd want to do is make them feel under-dressed.

8. Manage the gift list. Now this might sound like quite a strange thing to do for a baby shower but it's honestly one of the best things I done. Opening the gifts in front of guests is one of the most exciting parts of a baby shower so ensuring your mum-to-be isn't opening the same gift more than once ensures everyone's gift excitement isn't spoiled. Checking in with the mum ahead of the party for a list of still-to-buys is also really helpful for those who're just not sure what to buy. 

9. Capture the memories. Once the party is in full swing it's important to ensure you're capturing the memories. As party planner it's your responsibility to get all the best bits on film so have a camera by your side at all times. This is something I forgot to do but setting a hashtag is a great way to capture everyone else's pictures. Think of it as the modern day disposable camera. 

10. Create a keepsake. Having everyone you love in the one room is something that happens very few times in your life so I think it's important to take advantage of this. After searching online I found a few keepsake ideas that double up as a gift for the baby. I opted for a finger print elephant drawing. I LOVE how it turned out (picture below), don't you?

11. Arrange a visit from Daddy Cool. It might not be to everyone's preference but I think it's really nice if daddy-to-be makes an appearance to thank everyone for coming/the gifts. Having the other half there to open the presents is always a good way to plan his visit. Plus, us girls just love to find out how daddy is feeling about his soon to be new life.

I think that's about everything but most importantly, just have fun! I hope these tips give you some guidance if you're planning a baby shower and if not, I hope you like the pictures!

Oh, and here's the picture of my little keepsake. I LOVE it.



Friday, 24 February 2017

My first experience of the Glasgow Film Festival

Last week I was invited along to the Glasgow Film Festival by ScotRail to enjoy a secret screening of The Lost Boys. Despite being an avid movie-lover ( a black Cinecard definitely accounts for serious movie buff status!) I've surprisingly never attended the GFF so was excited to experience all that it has to offer. If I'm honest, I’d never even heard of The Lost Boys before let alone seen it and I have this weird thing where I don’t like watching 'old' movies unless I grew up with them but given the circumstances I was willing to switch it up for the day. The ‘secret screening' aspect however really appealed to me - I've been an admirer of the Secret Cinema for years now so was excited to see where we'd end up.

After convincing my bestie to join me, we headed up to the Glasgow Film Theatre, sweeties in tow, to discover a sea of The Lost Boys fans eagerly waiting to board coaches to our secret location. Before setting off, a gang of motorbikes appeared, revving their bikes to create smoke clouds before leading the buses away. We weren’t entirely sure what this was all about at this point but everyone else seemed pretty excited by it so we went along with it.

I anticipated that we'd drive five minutes up the road to our destination but fifteen minutes later we were at least ten miles down the motorway and any ideas I had about location were out the window. Soon a big wheel appeared in the distance and the whispering of guesses began to take over the bus - we were headed to M&Ds theme park. The screening was set up inside a lavish marquee with an onsite bar, comic book stand and face painting area. We were also given passes to enjoy various rides in the theme park. With an hour to spare, Jill and I took our chances at one of the less scary rides before grabbing food and getting a few snaps on the carousel - before we knew it the screening was about to begin.

Led by a talk from the head of the GFF and a comic book creator it was obvious everyone was BUZZING about the movie beginning. Fast forward an hour and a half, the movie was ending to a roar of clapping and cheers (myself and Jill included).

I can honestly say this was one of my favourite movie experiences ever. Not only did I actually like the movie (which was surprisingly really funny) but the atmosphere of the crowd so made it special. The audience cheered and clapped throughout. Laughter was anticipated at each funny line and a few fans were even singing along to the soundtrack. The excitement from everyone was contagious.

Dropped back at the GFT, Jill and I walked down to Central Station to catch the train home. With the movie over, everything now started to make sense: motorbikes were a key part of the movie and it was set on a fairground. Missing posters that were dotted around the venue appeared in the movie and two of the main characters worked in a comic book store. I’m now suitably impressed by the attention to detail.

ScotRail is the official sponsor of this year's Glasgow Film Festival Audience Award. Running until Sunday (26 February) there's still plenty to see so be sure to check out what's coming up -


Thursday, 16 February 2017

New things

Well ‘ello there 2017.

I hate to start a post apologising for my lack of presence on this little old blog of mine but I feel it’s necessary to address a number of points before we progress with normal business:
  1. It’s been three darn months since I last blogged. THREE MONTHS. 
  2.  I have a legitimate excuse. Seriously, hear me out.

Okay so my ‘number of points’ was really only two but I need to tell you lovely lot what happened to The Girl with the Big Hair. In the midst of all things gloriously festive I discovered that my blog basically died on me. Yep you read it right. On what I thought was going to be another normal day in December I was informed that all pictures from my blog had vanished.

Kapoof. Gone. Nowhere to be found.

Avoiding panic mode, I convinced myself there was going to be a way of getting these back. I mean surely!?

Sadly, not. They were most definitely wiped from all traces of my blog. *Sad face*.

So, as you can imagine, I’ve been working tirelessly to get every blog post back up since it all began back in 2015. Unfortunately, some of pictures have gone a walkies so for the meantime I’ve reverted those posts to draft but I hope to get them back up eventually. Bear with me.

Well now that we’ve cleared the air I can get onto more positive things such as new clothes and the first blog pictures with my darling puppy. I can’t believe she’s only just making her blog debut now – I mean we have had her for two months now!

Meet little Indie. She’s the apple of my eye, with a side of sassy attitude. She’s little Miss Independent but still treats me to cuddles now and then. I honestly didn’t think I could love an animal the way I love her. I’m officially a crazy dog lady. I want to share a blog post with my tips/advice on getting a puppy so more on this soon but in the meantime, ain’t she cute!

Now onto my outfit. I have a thing for sleeves at the minute and this is my latest addition. It’s cosy, soft and was a bargain £15 from Zara. I paired it with my favourite jeans of the minute and a pair of black booties. Finished off with my Zara bomber this outfit feels cool and comfortable – just what I like.

Excited to get back into blogging. I'm hoping to create more exciting, useful and pretty blog posts in 2017 so watch out! As always I’d love to hear what you’d like to see on the blog. I’ve got a few ideas lined up but I’m always open to suggestions J Don’t be shy!

See you in the next one.


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